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strange contour behavior

Author betainverse

#1 | Posted: 12 Jun 2018 21:02 

Suddenly (sometime since December) when I am using polyscope and turn off Autocontour, either on the plane or on the strips, I end up with only one positive contour level showing, almost no matter what settings I enter into the contour parameters dialog box. I open the same spectrum in sparky, like how the spectrum looks with the threshold set to 3e+09 and factor 1.4, try those same parameters in cara, and still get just a single contour.

Not being able to control the contours is really causing difficulty for analyzing spectra.

I've tried this on the NMRbox installation of CARA, the new one you posted today, and also cara_1.8.4_linux on NMRbox. I've also tried it on RHEL 7, cara_1.8.4_linux, and on mac os 10.11.6, both cara_1.8.4.2_mac and CARA

Thank you,
Katie Edmonds

Giedroc Lab
Indiana University

Author betainverse

#2 | Posted: 12 Jun 2018 21:05 
I guess the relevant NMRBox operating system version is this:


Author betainverse

#3 | Posted: 19 Jun 2018 20:59 
I now have a repository with a project with an old spectrum and a new spectrum, and turning off auto contour level with the old spectrum has no problems, and turning off auto contour level with the new spectrum has this annoying behavior. My old spectra from the past few years are all varian data processed into ucsf. We just converted to bruker, so the new spectra that are problematic are bruker converted to ucsf.

Author betainverse

#4 | Posted: 21 Jun 2018 16:57 
Scaling down the data by a factor of 1000 made the problem go away.

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