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Sparky to Cara

Author Kachy

#1 | Posted: 20 Sep 2018 18:36 | Edited by: Kachy 
Hi everyone, I would to import my peaks list, made on sparky, into cara.
I already try to use the file LUA but doesn't work. It doesn't "read" the Sparky's File *.shitfs

Author damberger

#2 | Posted: 19 Mar 2019 00:23 
Hi Kachy, thanks for your question. You didn't mention which LUA script, but I guess you mean SparkyAssignmentsToCara.lua

It is not for reading in peaklists, but for reading in sparky assignments generated with the 'rl' command.
Please see the top of the LUA script for information.

Once you read in the assignments, CARA should display expected peaks when you open the corresponding experiment using all scopes (except MonoScope which is for integrating peaklists).

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