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Systems not showing on spectra

Author docz3d

#1 | Posted: 27 Jun 2018 16:52 
Good afternoon,

I started using Cara yesterday, I did read the documentation which did help a lot but I got two major problems, the last one still being unsolved.

The preliminary spectra HSQC15N, and 15N-NOESY/TOCSY are used here for my 98 residue protein. I created the project based on the last repository for protein in liquid NMR spectroscopy I downloaded here.

1: Using SynchroScope, I can't pick systems nor spins, they are disappearing as soon as I labeled them. I managed to avoid this error by using PolyScope instead. I labeled all the spins in more than 60 systems.
The problem is, I did try to run a script to rename all the systems (ReplaceDegeneratedSpinsByGroup) and now I cannot see any of my systems when I open any spectrum. I can still show the list filled with my systems (the script obviously didn't work because the first system is number 6). The "Goto" doesn't work as well...

I have no idea how to fix this, as I read again all of the documentation & FAQ, i didn't find anything that worked for me. Did I run the wrong script?

Thank you very much,
Have a nice day,

Author docz3d

#2 | Posted: 28 Jun 2018 09:18 | Edited by: docz3d 
I found a way to show the systems:
"Plane > Show peaks with unknown label"
I still don't know how to replace the degenerated numbers of systems though..

EDIT: It didn't work exactly as planned, I'll have to do it manually again...

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