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Author rkeller

#1 | Posted: 2 Nov 2015 23:58 
This is an intermediate release; here is a summary of the changes:
  • BMRB version 3.1 files are now supported; CARA automatically detects the file version and now can also handle version 2.1 files where _Residue_author_seq_code is present.
  • On OS X the aqua style is now default; the "Add Spectrum" submenu of the CARA Explorer was replaced by a dialog to avoid some platform specific issues.
  • Many fixes and additions to the Lua binding and Qtl (new classes: CustomWidget, QTableView, QTableWidget, QMessageBox, QPrinter, QPainter, etc.)
  • A new Star file lexer/parser which handles both 1991 and 2012 syntax; all syntactical features are supported including deeply nested loops, compound data values and Unicode.

In parallel we're making progress with 4D NOESY analysis; peaks are now properly inferred from spin links. You can try the 1.9.2 alpha versions also available for download.

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