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Release of CARA 1.9.1

Author damberger

#1 | Posted: 3 Oct 2015 18:51 
CARA 1.9.1 is available. The release includes many behind the scenes changes, which will make it easier to develop CARA. One visible manifestation of this is a completely new scope designed for the analysis of 4D spectra (FourDScope). The Qt/Lua binding has been completely rewritten. Writing of Lua scripts has become easier: a fully featured debugger is integrated into the CARA Explorer and the Lua/Programmers manual is extensively updated.

You can download it from

Major improvements with respect to 1.9.0:

  • Spectra larger than 4GB can be read in (64 bit file streams are supported)
  • Levels are not calculated immediately upon loading spectra into a project to save time
  • Topspin spectrum parameters YMAX_p, YMIN_p and NC_proc are read & used tor scaling of intensities

  • New FourDScope with 2D Navigation similar to PolyScope for 3D spectra


New Lua development environment
  • source and byte code level debugger
  • supports breakpoints and stepping (incl. for callbacks)
  • local and stack views

NAF (NMR Application Framework)
  • Some parts of NAF using Lexi were replaced by Qt
  • new SpecView3 & Gui2 module (see
  • new components architecture (FourDScope was built with this, other scopes still use old architecture)

Known issues
  • NEASY will not be included in the new architecture and has been discontinued (still available with older CARA releases like 1.8.4)
  • FourDScope is still under development. Currently SpinLinks do not generate the correct NOE crosspeaks. We are working on this.

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