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Author frkbustad

#1 | Posted: 21 Feb 2020 14:33 
Thanks for developing CARA! I have never used any other programs, as this was the one I got introduced for by people around me. I see that the latest version came in 2016, but I really hope that development is still ongoing. I have a wish list for features I'd love to have:
1) optional auto-saving. I don't know how many times I've lost my work because I've forgotten to ctrl+S
2) In StripScope I would love to have the possibility to choose pairs of experiments, e.g. HNCACB+HNCOCACB. In an already time-consuming process, clicking on/off the 'hold ref spec' is yet another process that steals seconds.
3) There's a lot of short keys in Cara, but I would love if they could be included in the drop-down menus. Especially since they vary between different scopes (e.g. zww in PolyScope does not work in StripScope), and also since right-click and finding the correct feature takes time.

Crossing fingers!

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